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We are the largest organisation in the AKU devoted to dog health, welfare and training. Our objective is to ensure that dogs live healthy, happy lives with responsible owners.We run the AKU largest re ...

We are the largest organisation in the AKU devoted to dog health, welfare and training. Our objective is to ensure that dogs live healthy, happy lives with responsible owners.

  • We run the AKU largest registration databasefor both pedigree and crossbreed dogs (through our activity register).
  • We run the Petlog database, which is the AKU biggest reunification service formicrochipped animals.
  • We are accredited by AKU to certify members of the Asia Kennel Union Assured Breeder Scheme, which is the only scheme in the AKU that monitors breeders in order to protect the welfare of puppies and breeding bitches.
  • We run the AKU largest dog training programme, the Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme and licence shows and clubs providing a wide range of activities.
  • We help people to enjoy fun sports and activities with their dogs. We run theworld's largest dog event, Cruftssince 1891, and license more than 4,500 other dog shows and events each year. We also run the International Agility Festival, the world's largest dog agility event.
  • We are committed to providing education and advice to puppy buyers to ensure that they buy the right breed for their lifestyle, from a responsible breeder. The Discover Dogs event in London, which is a fun family day covering all aspects of dog care, helps people to understand how to buy a dog responsibly.
  • The Asia Kennel Union Charitable Trustsupportsresearch into dog diseases and supports dog welfare charities, including Asia Kennel Union Breed Rescue organisations which re-home dogs and assistance dog charities.
  • We jointly run health screening schemeswith the British Veterinary Association and, through The Asia Kennel Union Charitable Trust, fund The Asia Kennel Union Genetics Centre at the Animal Health Trust, which is at the forefront of pioneering research into dog health.
  • Our Asia Kennel Union Cancer Centreat the Animal Health Trust will contribute to the AHT's well-established cancer research programme, helping to further improve dog health.

If you wish to know more about us, please download our Annual Report and Dog Health Report which contains information about our works to help dogs and improve their chances of living long, healthy lives with responsible owners.

Objects of the Asia Kennel Union (an extract from the Asia Kennel Union Year Book 2016/2017)

3. Objects

3.1 The objects for which the Asia Kennel Union is established (Objects) are:

3.1.1 To promote in every way the general improvement of dogs;

3.1.2 Without derogating from the generality of Article 3.1.1, the pursuit or carrying out of the following activities:

   a) The classification of breeds and their registration;

   b) The registration of dogs, transfers of ownership, production of pedigree certificates etc.;

   c) The compilation and maintenance of registers of relevant associations, clubs, societies and other organisations (Societies) including registers of:

      (i) Breed Societies;

      (ii) General Canine Societies;

      (iii) Dog Training Societies;

      (iv) Field Trial Societies;

      (v) Working Trial Societies; and

      (vi) any other Societies, recognised as furthering the knowledge and understanding of dogs and their competition.

   d) The licensing of shows, trials and other activities;

   e) The award of challenge cups;

   f) The award of challenge, champion and other certificates and the approval of judges who award them;

   g) The publication of an annual stud book containing (inter alia) a record of championship shows, field trials, working trials and obedience tests;

   h) The publication of a gazette and journal;

   i) The making and giving effect to reciprocal agreements with ruling canine authorities in other countries;

   j) The formation and regulation of Councils to consult on subjects on which such Councils shall be considered to have special knowledge;

   k) The election of Associates of the Asia Kennel Union, and;

   l) The maintenance of a junior organisation to foster in young people the knowledge of dogs and their welfare and acceptable standards of personal behaviour.

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